The list of 500 signatories, via this news site. —————————————————————— Acceso Libre, Venezuela ACI Participa, Honduras ActiveWatch-Media Monitoring Agency, Romania Acção Académica para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Rurais, Mozambique Agencia Latinoamericana de Información, Bolivia Agência Publica, Brazil Alternative Intervention of Athens Lawyers (AIAL), Greece American Association of Jurists (AAJ), US Arab Lawyers Union […]

An account from a UK Socialist Workers Party insider with much more detail about that party’s (mis)handling of internal rape allegations than the party has publicly divulged.

Originally posted on Feminists opposing an Assange-led Wikileaks Party:
Over a period of years, Assange has both personally expressed ideas which vilify feminism and Sweden’s limited anti-rape laws, and has paid lawyers to assert that rape is not rape. Although his defenders frequently try turning all discussions about this issue to whether he is guilty…

John Pilger is a renowned lefty journo, described by the organisers of Marxism2013 thusly: John Pilger is a world-renowned journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, who began his career in 1958 in his homeland, Australia, before moving to London in the 1960s. He regards eye-witness as the essence of good journalism. He has been a foreign […]